Vliwasorb® Pro

    Superabsorbent Wound Dressing

    Vliwasorb® Pro is a superabsorbent dressing for wounds with moderate to very high levels of exudate. The very high absorption and retention capacity of Vliwasorb® Pro protects wound edges from maceration. Vliwasorb® Pro promotes wound healing by maintaining a moist wound environment. The development of odour during the treatment is decreased. Proteases (e.g. MMPs, elastase) are reduced.* Vliwasorb® Pro’s ergonomic and flexible design makes it safe and easy to use. The blue clothing protection layer protects clothing and bed linen from contamination.


    PRO Efficient exudate management

    • very high absorption capacity and high retention capacity
      • protection against maceration55)
      • moist wound environment56)
      • longer dressing change intervals save time and money57)
      • reduces proteases (e.g. MMPs, elastase)*
      • reduces odour development during the treatment55)56)

    * Based on in vitro studies59)

    PRO Comfort and flexibility for the patient

    • very high conformability due to the ergonomic and flexible design58)
      • easy and safe to use58)

    PRO Protection and safety for patients and users

    • blue clothing protection layer and supple wound contact layer
      • atraumatic dressing changes55)56)
      • protects the patient’s clothing and bed linen56)
      • patients can wear the dressing for longer55)

    Product composition

    polyethylene, polypropylene, cellulose, polyethylene terephthalate, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer, polyacrylate

    Ordering information

    Vliwasorb® Pro

    sterile, individually sealed
    Dimensions (cm)Wound pad (cm)REFSC/TC
    10 x 106 x 63264010/300
    12.5 x 12.58.5 x 8.53264110/300
    12.5 x 22.58.5 x 18.53264210/350
    22 x 2218 x 183264310/260
    22 x 3218 x 283264410/90

    Fields of application

    wounds with moderate to very high levels of exudate, acute or chronic superficial wounds, such as:

    • pressure ulcers, arterial ulcers, venous lower leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers
    • postoperative wounds healing by secondary intention
    • post-traumatic wounds
    • skin graft donor sites
    • oncological wounds
    • ulcerating tumours
    • wounds at risk of infection
    • superficial 2nd degree burns
    • and as a secondary dressing, e.g. on laparotomy wounds and fistulas.


    • very high absorption and retention capacity for wound exudate and the bacteria in it
    • efficient exudate management even under compression
    • ergonomic shape for easy conformability
    • flexible wound contact layer enables atraumatic dressing changes
    • protects clothing and bed linen through a blue clothing protection layer

    To note

    • Do not cut dressing


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